Dangerous spa and salon treatments during pregnancy

Dangerous spa and salon treatments during pregnancy

The spa can be an oasis of relaxation throughout the pregnancy. The body treatments performed there and in the cosmetic salons also have the benefit of remedying the side effects of some of the pregnancy symptoms. But not all therapies and services of these centers are safe during pregnancy. Some may be detrimental to your health and may cause congenital amputations in the fetus!

Removal of unwanted hair

Thinking or waxing the various parts of the body is not a real danger for the pregnancy when you do it in the salon But they can be more painful! Do not forget that the skin during this period is more sensitive, and the discomfort of removing the hair with the epilator or wax may be more acute.

Avoid unwanted hair discolouration products (for eyebrows, mustache) and hair removal creams, because they are easily absorbed into the body.

Face masks and packaging

Common skin changes during pregnancy may or may not be more pronounced. Depending on the problems that arise, salon treatments may or may not help! Even if before the pregnancy some treatments were doing well, now the skin tends to become more sensitive and all sorts of common skin problems appear, many of the therapies becoming inaccessible. To find out what these are, first test the product (preferably as naturally as possible, with no chemicals that can penetrate the skin) on a small portion of the skin to see if irritation occurs or not.

Body treatments that include high temperatures

Mud baths, epilation with hot wax or certain body packs with hot products are strictly forbidden. These can increase your body temperature and can become dangerous for the baby.

Hot baths, saunas or steam baths

And these therapies also greatly increase body temperature. This causes the body to lose many fluids and overheat which can affect the fetus in its development. This could result in congenital malformations. High temperatures dehydrate the body and cause blood pressure to drop sharply. As a result, the fetus is no longer receiving enough oxygen and no food.

Cosmetic products with phthalates

Certain cosmetic products used in the spa or salon are dangerous to the task. Those that contain phthalates are the most targeted. Oja and perfume are two products that contain them. Although the evidence in favor of the theory that phthalates are hazardous in pregnancy has been brought only from animal testing, experts recommend caution in using them.

Also, cosmetics based on Retin-A or other vitamin A derivatives, as well as those containing excess vitamin K or vitamin E should be used with caution, as no tests have been performed to find out which is their effect on pregnant women. It is best to try using organic cosmetics or masks and packs with masks made from 100% natural ingredients. Apply on a small portion of skin and wait a few minutes to see if irritation occurs or not.

Hair dyeing

Hair dye has gone through many scientific tests to find out how dangerous it is to be pregnant. The controversies and opinions surrounding the use of this product during this period are not limited in number.

The fact is that hair paints that contain chemicals and are not made from natural ingredients, increase the risk of congenital malformations in the fetus. Only those made from 100% natural substances without any chemical addition are safe.

Many international health organizations do not completely ban hair dye during pregnancy, as long as it is not abused. It is best to stay away from hair dye, even in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus is most exposed to its contents.


Although there are no studies that specify that exposure to ultraviolet radiation could harm the fetus, it seems that you are the one exposed to the dangers of this artificial bronze method. During pregnancy, due to the increased sensitivity of the skin, the risk of cancer increases considerably with exposure to solarium. Also, the areas of the skin irritated by common skin problems during pregnancy may risk being extremely affected with UV exposure, and the skin conditions may intensify, becoming uncomfortable and unsightly.

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