Perfect for peaches and grapes

Perfect for peaches and grapes

If you crave a refreshing and delicious dessert, try a perfect peach and grape, which has a special aroma and is prepared very quickly.

Preparation time

30 min




300 ml milk

2 packets of vanilla sugar

7 yellows

250 g old

400 ml fresh

250 g peaches

250 g grapes

5 ml rom

Method of preparation

Put the boiled milk together with the vanilla sugar. Then beat the yolks with the sugar and gradually add in this composition and milk and put back on fire, stirring continuously. After it has cooled, add the whipped cream and rum.

Cut 50 g of peaches into small pieces, and the rest pass them. Also pass the grapes and separate them from the seeds. Divide the cream in two and put the peaches in one and in the other grapes.

First put the peach bowl in the freezer, then add the other cream and leave it to cool again.

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