The pet for the child, who is the right age?

The pet for the child, who is the right age?

A playful puppy or a fluffy kitten may be your little baby's next wish. It doesn't sound like a bad idea to you, but you are considering whether or not he is of the right age to take care of such a pet and what are the risks to his health. You need a thorough evaluation of him!

The age for the child's first pet is relative!

There is no general age to buy a baby for a child. In fact, not on the number of years depends on whether it is suitable for it or not. While some children can care for an animal at 5 years old, others are only able to care for 8 or 10 years old. The main criterion for balancing the decision is its degree of development.

Generally speaking, as well as the indicative age, the specialists consider that the little ones are prepared to face the responsibility of a pet at school age, in the first year, about 6-7 anisors.

Is your child responsible enough to care for the animal?

More than the age, the fence of responsibility the child has is essential in establishing the decision to adopt an animal. Each child has a unique level of responsibility. He must be the one who must take care of the animal and he must be able to do so.

If the animal is for the whole family, that is, all members of the family take care of it, then the degree of responsibility may be lower, but if you attribute it to his exclusive care, then he must have a well-developed responsibility.

Here's how you estimate if your baby is responsible enough for a pet:

  • if involved in the house's affairs, undertake them correctly and during the allotted time;

  • if you do not cry too much when you ask him to help you with a homework;

  • if it helps you on your own initiative in various tasks, without asking for it.

These are fairly simple criteria, but one that very well denotes the child's ability to care for an animal.

When not to take a baby to a baby?

Never take a child on a whim or simply because others have it. It is best to consider this option if you ask it yourself. Even then, ask him why he wants that animal.

Do not take a pet to the child if you care more than the child. If the school program and other extracurricular activities occupy a large part of the time and is still enrolled in a sport or special weekend courses, then the child will not be able to cope with the care of an animal. Because free time will not allow it.

The influence of pets on the child

Animals can teach a lot of children and help develop essential skills. Although the child needs to be responsible for taking care of such a pet, it seems that the pet in turn has the role of helping the child take responsibility. He will learn what it means to care for him, what that means, which will help him a lot in adulthood.

In addition, it is a constant source of relaxation, fun and good mood around the child.

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