Mini-kebab with Emmentaler and pesto sauce

Mini-kebab with Emmentaler and pesto sauce


200 g Delaco Emmentaler cut into cubes

16 cherry tomatoes

16 fresh basil leaves

16 toothpicks

Ingredient Sos Pesto

20 g fresh basil leaves

40 g nut kernels

40 g cheese emmentaler head

2 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon of salt

Method of preparation

Today we have a nutritious snack recipe for moms and kids! You must try the mini kebab with delaco and pesto sauce!

First cut the Emmentaler cubes, and the cherry tomatoes wash and cut them in half.

To prepare the pesto sauce, start by washing the basil leaves and drying well in a napkin. The mixture can be made both in mortar and blender, depending on how it is more comfortable.

First weigh the walnuts with the cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of salt and the leaves of basil. Keep weighing the ingredients by adding a little olive oil and the shaved emmentaler.

Continue weighing by adding a little olive oil until you get a thicker and more homogeneous sauce.

Cover the pieces of the quail with the pesto sauce and chill them for a few hours for the sauce to set.

Call your foot to help minikebabs and place half a cherry tomato, a basil leaf on the toothpick, then a cubicle of a basil leaf again and then the other half cherry tomato. It will be great fun, and so will you!

For more flavor, serve the mini-fridges with the remaining pesto sauce.

Source: delaco.ro/mini-kebab-cu-emmentaler-si-sos-pesto

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