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How to clean and maintain baby clothes

How to clean and maintain baby clothes

An important activity in the life of a new mother is the maintenance of baby clothes. From their choice to washing, often daily, or removing stains, moms want to be sure they make the best decisions.

Choosing clothes is very important for the well-being of the child. The material from which they are made can cause irritation or allergies. It is recommended the cotton clothes, especially those worn directly on the skin, this is the ideal material for the child. Wool, feathers or fluff can cause itching, and those in synthetic material are often allergenic.

It is recommended to separate clothes when washing, even though it is easier for mom to load a car with all the dirty laundry. It is better that the washing be done in the car, because after the hand rinsing there may be traces of soap or detergent between the fibers. Sorting the clothes will prevent the appearance of surprises: you choose according to colors (white, bright colors, black), but also depending on the material (cotton, wool, synthetic).

Wool, for example, requires special care not to enter the water. If you have clothes that cannot be washed in the car, wash them by hand and make sure you rinse them thoroughly several times. In this case, a liquid detergent is recommended rather than a powder or a soap, because it removes much better and faster when rinsing. Be careful to read labels with care and washing instructions, and do not overload the washing machine. Do not use chlorine in any case, as it is very irritating to children.

Choosing detergent and balm it is very important. Choose a dermatologically tested detergent to mention: HYPOALERGENIC. The skin of the baby is more sensitive than that of the adult, so we should only use detergents without phosphates and do not use balm. If you still need a conditioner, make sure it is hypoallergenic.

An ecological and hypoallergenic detergent is the best choice. Unlike conventional detergents, organic detergents are made from vegetable oils and sugars, and their production process follows the following principles:

  • protecting the planet and resources through the use of renewable ingredients obtained using eco-friendly methods and by banning most of the ingredients based on petrochemicals synthetics:;
  • protecting and informing consumers through clear information on the quantity and origin of the ingredients used and on the presence of allergens and through recommendations on environmental protection and precautions in use;
  • reducing waste by forcing producers to inform about dosages, encouraging the use of the eco-friendly reserves system and by prohibiting the use of non-recyclable plastics.

Planete Bleue company from France produces a detergent for baby's clothes very beloved by mothers, because it is very effective and at the same time, hypoallergenic.

Be careful how much detergent you use in a car. The ecological detergents have very clear indications on the label regarding the dosage, which differs depending on the hardness of the water and the degree of dirtiness of the clothes.

Choosing the program it will be made according to the colors and the fabric. Avoid short programs, as this actually means shortening the rinsing time. For all the textiles for which it is possible, and especially for the babies, towels and linens, wash at least 60 ° C, the minimum temperature to effectively get rid of bacteria.

Because the baby's skin is very fragile, it is very important that after washing, there is no trace of detergent on the clothes. Therefore, an additional rinse cycle is indicated for each machine.

Especially when we start diversification, we face stains on clothes. The most resistant stains are those of carrots, tomatoes, green beans. Before washing, soak a cloth in alcohol and rub the stain. Then rinse with water and wash with the rest of the laundry.

After washing, it is important to put things dry quickly, to prevent the appearance of bacteria in a damp environment. And try to iron all the baby's stuff, to destroy all the microbes permanently.

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