Girls vs. Sports boys sports

Girls vs. Sports boys sports

Sports in the past were divided by sex. There were activities suitable only for boys and sports for girls only. There were very few who fit both genders. Nowadays, the boundary between them begins to disappear and there is a mixture of the sexes even when it comes to football, ballet, gymnastics, fencing, martial arts and others.

Certainly today the choice of sports for children is no longer based on sex. The temperament, the natural inclinations or the hobbies that the little ones have are the ones that matter most in the final decision.

Sports suitable for boys

However, it can be said that some sports are more "male" than others and that they are better suited to boys. These include:

  • football;
  • boxing;
  • martial arts;
  • basketball;
  • cycling;
  • athletics;
  • skiing;
  • swimming;
  • handball;
  • polo;
  • hockey etc.

Sports suitable for girls

Sports that are considered suitable for girls are those that show grace and elegance, emphasizing femininity. These include:

  • volleyball;
  • dances;
  • ballet;
  • skating;
  • rhythmic gymnastics;
  • gymnastics;
  • horseback riding;
  • field tennis, etc.

Sports for both genders

Even though some of them are more masculine than others, it does not mean that girls cannot register for any of the sports where men predominate.

For a long time girls have begun to find a passion in activities such as football, basketball, martial arts or boxing, as boys have tried and tasted from the gym and the elegance of ballet courses or sports dances or gymnastics.

There are no sports that can not be practiced by either sex. Every sport is now divided into competitions for women and men, regardless of its nature and the force that is required for its practice. The specialists argue that there are some essential sports that should be encouraged in both sexes, because both boys and girls can cope with them to the same extent:

  • football;
  • swimming;
  • martial arts;
  • gymnastics etc.

Encourage the child to follow the sport he likes, whether he is male or not. As long as he is good at it and he likes it, it means that it helps him in both physical and psychological development.


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